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So we’ve gone over the basics of how to create a page and how to grow your audience. You’re running your page, and notice it can be hard to get traffic, & build your organic reach.

We’ve all seen ads on Facebook, the good, the bad and the ugly. But with incredible laser sharp targeting, access to up to 1/5 of the world and the potential of features of Ad Manager, Facebook Advertising can play a cost effective role in a small businesses marketing mix.

This article will go over the basics of Facebook Advertising and goes over:

  • The difference between a boost and an ad?
  • The difference from posting from you page and adverts manager?
  • Introduce Facebook Adverts Manager

Article 4 goes into more detail on Adverts Manager, and will step you through how to use it to create audiences, boost posts and create ads.

So, let’s get the ball rolling!

Tip: Think about Facebook advertising in terms of the “cost to convert”. In other words; how much you need to spend to get one person to do what you wan them to do.

For example, you want people to sign up to your newsletter on your website. You boost a post with a link for people to sign up & it costs you $1.00 per click. You get 100 people click on the link, but only 1 person signs up. In this example, the cost to convert ‘someone clicking on your ad’ into ‘signing up to the newsletter’ is $100.

The difference between boosting posts and placing an ad

Understanding the difference between boosting posts and ads is important if Facebook adverting forms a part of your marketing mix. Boosting posts is mostly seen as a way to guarantee your content being seen, where as ads offer a much larger range of options.

So the main difference between the 2 depends on your marketing objective. For example, Facebook has made it harder (but not impossible!) to increase your organic reach, or you might have a really important bit of relevant & engaging content you want to share. Boosting posts are great for that.

But if your goals are more detailed; Facebook ads maybe your better option.

Boosting a post to boost sales?

Boosting a post is pretty common, and Facebook regularly prompts page owners to boost well performing posts. They show-up in Newsfeeds as sponsored posts and in Instagram feeds.

Boosting a post is basically paying for content engagement. It can be a part of a good strategy if your marketing goals include building brand awareness, or increasing engagement with your page (for example likes, shares and comments).

Also it’s incredibly simple to boost a post from your page, but it’s worthwhile to start considering using Facebooks Adverts Manager, because it offers more precise targeting.

Tip: If you are boosting a post from your page consider your audience:

  • “People you choose through targeting” here only includes geographic locations. They have probably never seen your brand before. So think of this boost as an introduction to a stranger.
  • “People who like your page” boosts are good if you want to let you current support base know about an offer or to build engagement with them.
  • “People who like your page & their friends” is somewhere in between and, as the name implies, will show up in the feeds of people who have liked your page and their friends.

Facebook Ads : The next step

On the other hand, Facebook ads are much more flexible in terms of their targeting and formats. The ads themselves are placed in the right hand column as well as feeds and Instagram, and you get a choice of call to action buttons.

You have to use the Facebook Advert Manager to set them up. It does look pretty overwhelming, but it’s remarkably easy to learn to navigate. The next article discusses how to set up audiences and ads.

But apart from physically setting the ad up, Facebook will prompt you for your advertising objective. The advertising objective is determined by what you want your customers to do when they see your ads. Broadly they’re divided into 3 categories; awareness, consideration & conversions.

Northern Enterprise Solutions has put together a list of the types of ads, below:

AwarenessBrand AwarenessReach people who are likely to like your pageSingle image or video, carousel, slideshow, Canvas
AwarenessReachShow your ad to the most people possibleSingle image or video, carousel, slideshow, Canvas
ConsiderationTrafficIncrease the number of people visiting your website or appSingle image or video, carousel, slideshow, Canvas, Collection
ConsiderationApp InstallsSends users to the app in the app storeSingle image or video, carousel, slideshow, Canvas
ConsiderationEngagementThe most popular - used for boosting posts, promoting events, awareness and of course... your page!Single image or video, slideshow, Carousel
ConsiderationVideo ViewsIncrease video views - good for behind the scenes videos to promote your proper videoSingle video, slideshow, Carousel
ConsiderationLead GenerationCollect information like email address from people interested in your promotionSingle image or video, slideshow, Canvas
ConversionConversionsTracks conversion actions using Facebook pixelsSingle image or video, carousel, slideshow, Canvas, Collection
ConversionProduct Catalog SalesPromotes products from your catalog to your nominated audience.Single image &, carousel.
ConversionStore VisitsPromote your business location to people in the area.Single image or video, carousel, slideshow

The difference between posting from your page and posting from Adverts Manager

Boosting posts and promoting aspects of your page is incredibly easy to do from your business page. There are a lot more options now, and Facebook will help guide you through the process.

You can promote your website or page (as an ads), set up a ‘call now’ add for mobile feeds, and set up an ongoing promotion. Grantedly, there are less options for targeting, the types of ads you can set up and the analytics you get. But setting up an ad from your page can be a good place to start.

Boosting is also really easy, and Facebook will prompt you to boost well performing posts. But again, your targeting options and analytics (the data you get to analise your ads performance) are more limited.

Before boosting a post that’s performing well, ask who your audience is going to be: if it’s just people who like your page, you’re just paying to increase your reach. Or if its friends of people who like your page, make sure you have a call to action, for example; like my page.

So while there are a lot more options available to Facebook Business Pages, with the Adverts Manager you get even more advertising options, gain the ability to laser target your audience and get incredibly rich analytics.

Tip: If you set up an ongoing promotion, your 2 options are raise awareness (good for businesses wanting to increase foot traffic to their store), or get people to visit your website. Going for the later; ask why you’re sending them there.

Do you actually want to send them to a landing page for your promotion? Your contact Page? Another page?

Introducing Adverts Manager

At first, Facebook Adverts Manager may look a little scary. But it’s remarkable easy to navigate and gives you much more control over and understating of where your marketing dollar is going.

You can find the Adverts Manager by clicking on “Manage Ads” in the arrow drop-down in the top right hand corner of your page. Or you can navigate to the adverts manager by going to

It also helps to optimise ads with campaigns. Campaigns allow you to track and manage many marketing objectives for example; increase brand awareness, increase traffic to website & lead generation and promote offers. Using campaigns allows you to manage these different objectives across your market segments.

For example a campaign based on brand awareness can be broken into advert sets of people who haven’t engaged with your Facebook page, those that have and people who have have a specific interest. In this example the goal remains the same; increase brand awareness. Creating ad sets just enables you to target the same goal at different market segments.

Then finally you create ads for the ad set. Often there are more than 1 ad in an ad set. This enables you to set up ads with or test different images, text or calls to actions to see which works best with your audience to achieve your goals. Taking this approach will help your business to achieve its marketing goals and gain greater traction.

So check out the Adverts Manager! The next article is a step-by-step guide to using Adverts Manager to boost a post, create and ad and interpret the results.

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