Adriana Modersitzki : Small Business Superstar

Most small business owners know what it’s like to be flooded with job applications that are poorly written and just miss the mark.

These small businesses probably haven’t seen an application from Elite Resume Services. A boutique career consultancy empowering their clients to successfully apply for their dream jobs.

Northern Enterprise Solutions was lucky enough to catch up with Adriana and chat about her success growing her business, killing it at social media and balancing a young family:


What do you want the world to know about Elite Resume Services?

Elite is a boutique career consultancy. I write cover letters, resumes and selection criteria but a large part of my business is equipping job seekers with the knowledge and confidence they need to present and interview well. Essentially, I help you make an awesome impression on a potential employer and ROCK your interview!


I spent many years working for one of Australia’s largest private recruitment agencies, and during that time I phone screened, interviewed and placed hundreds of candidates. Now I pass all of that knowledge and experience on to my clients.

When I do a resume and cover letter package for a client, I include one on one coaching where we sit down and discuss any aspect of their job search that’s causing them a bit of stress or worry. That can be anything from what to wear to an interview, how to answer tricky questions or what a potential employer is trying to work out by asking a certain question.

My clients are spread all across the country, so if you aren’t local then we get together on the phone or via Skype.

Why did you get into small business? What keeps the fire burning?

I didn’t start out with plans for world domination, there was no business plan or funding or strategy – that all came along later. It was literally just me, my laptop and the golden hour of nap-time.

We moved to Cairns just before I had my son and while I absolutely love being ‘mum’, as he got older I started to feel like I needed to do something outside of the home to feel like myself again. I didn’t want to get back into agency recruitment and one night I hopped on to see if there was anything that caught my eye.

I was sitting there talking to my husband and I said to him “If I’M apprehensive just thinking about applying for work and this is what I’ve done for a living – other people must be feeling the same way”. That’s how Elite came to be.

As far as keeping the fires burning, my husband is a rock star who always has my back. He might not shake pom poms, but he’s my biggest cheerleader!

What has been your biggest challenge so far? What did you do?

A few months ago I was told (gently, but firmly!) that if I wanted to succeed then I needed to develop a clear business plan and strategy.

Creating my own brand, carving out my target market, developing a strategy that was actually going to help me achieve my goals and then taking all of that and making sure that it meshed with my own personal identity was a huge challenge for me. I came from corporate where there were systems and strategies already in place and I worked within those guidelines.

I’d been muddling my way through and learning on the fly up until this point and so consciously stepping back and creating this from scratch was huge for me. I now have a clear vision of what I want to achieve and what I need to do in order to get there. My mindset has changed, I’m starting to think bigger and my business is growing like mad.

What’s been your biggest success? How did you make it happen?

I measure my success in client satisfaction.

A happy client is the best advertising there is and if you can connect on an honest and personal level and deliver the value you promise, then they will tell the WORLD about you.

To me, success is when I get a call from a new client and they say “I was speaking to such-and-such and they told me I absolutely HAD to come and see you for help with my resume. They said you were the best and you’d take care of me”. That makes my heart sing and I feel like I’m impacting people lives and helping THEM succeed. That’s my success.

With everything you’ve learned: what would you tell “you starting-out” about what you know now?

This is hard, because I wouldn’t CHANGE anything I’ve done based on what I know now.
I do wish I had a little more belief in myself earlier on. These days I make more effort to have my internal monologue reflect the way I would speak to a client or a friend. I would never say to them some of the things that I say about myself and my business, so why do I tell myself?

I do wish I understood the value of my service a little more in the early days. Don’t get me wrong – I believe in my service and I wholeheartedly believe in the value it gives my clients. I still have to pull myself up occasionally when I catch myself talking down my knowledge, my abilities and my success. In a service based business you have to have some objectivity when putting a dollar value on your time and knowledge.

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