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Business Planning

Business Plans : a road map for your business

Business plans are more than just boring pieces of paper. They are the road map to navigating the complex environment your business operates in.

A good business plan helps you to articulate and clarify important aspects of your business. For example, Northern Enterprise Solutions will help you connect the dots between your business operating environment, your customers, products, marketing, sales and eventually profit.

Contact Northern Enterprise Solutions to arrange your first business plan concept workshop, and develop a quality road map for your businesses success. There’s a range of plans to suit your needs:

Basic Business Plan

$550one off
  • 5-7 pages
  • 1x 2hr business concept workshops
  • 1 year cash flow
  • Good for small business & getting started

Premium Business Plan

$880one off
  • 10-12 pages
  • 2x 2hr business concept workshops
  • 2 year cash flow
  • Good for finance applications & migration

Delux Business Plan

$1350one off
  • 20-25 pages
  • 3x 2hr business concept workshops
  • 2 year cash flow
  • Good for through analysis of your business and or industry

Business Plan Updates

$1651/4, 1/2 or annual
  • 1x 2hr business review workshop
  • Updated business plan & cash flow
  • Good for keeping any business on track
  • *for existing NES business plan clients

Document Writing

All of your document writing needs in one place

Check your calendar and realised you didn’t write that report? Don’t know where to start with a media release for your new range? Want to make sure your fundraising letter will bring returns?

Northern Enterprise Solutions can help! Take advantage of over 10 years professional experience preparing formal documents and reports. Get an obligation free quote, and rest assured you’ll be putting your best foot forward.

Simple Documents

$88per hour
  • Don’t require a lot of research
  • eg letters, media releases, everyday templates
  • Saves time & effort, creating a professional impression

Complex Documents

$110per hour
  • Require more research
  • eg training manuals, policies, reports, assesments
  • Take advantage of over 10 years of expertise. Get it right the first time.

Grants & Tender Writing

Grants, tenders & staying up to date

Most Government bodies offer grant and tender opportunities. They can be great for some businesses. But applying for grants and tenders is a complex one-shot game.

Sign-up to Northern Enterprise solutions e-Newsletter and stay up to date with current opportunities. Get in touch for affordable assistance preparing your application, and give your business the best possible chance of success.

With extensive experience in Government, Northern Enterprise Solutions know what potential funders are looking for. Even through the evaluation and equital phases.

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