There seems to be a WordPress Plugin to fit all needs. With over 55,000 on the WordPress site alone, it becomes a bit difficult sorting the good from the bad. Here are the things that we look for when choosing plugins (of course, if you’re ever in doubt you should contact your developer). There are always exceptions to the rule, so use this list as a guide to help you decide which puling might be best for your site.

1) Developer creditability

Good developers create good plugins. And WordPress gives you that information. If you scroll to the bottom of the page telling you about the plugin you’re about to install. You’ll see a list of developers who contributed to the plugin.
When you click through you’ll be able to have a look at the other plugins they’ve developed and how they score. If there are a number of plugins that score well, you’ve probably found a good developer.

2) Updates

Even if the developer seems great you want to find out how often it’s updated. Plugins should be updated regularly to keep up with other changes in the WordPress ‘ecosystem’. Be wary of plugins that haven’t been updated in the last year. They will probably be a bit buggy with all the changes to WordPress.

3) Ratings and Active Installs

Your plugin has a great developer who creates regular updates. Another way to check if you’ve got a quality plugin is by comparing the ratings and active installs. High numbers of both mean lots of people are using them, and they like the plugin. Be a bit wary of plugins with high numbers of active installs and relatively few reviews, and plugins that have low installs, and relatively high ratings.

4) Screen Shots and Demos

Apart from making sure the plugin isn’t going to break your website, you also want to make sure it works well for you. Demos are great to get the look and feel of plugins that are a bit interactive, and screenshots are an easy way to understand how it functions.

5) Support

Last but not least your plugin should have an active support forum. Make sure you check out the number of completed support tickets, compared to unresolved tickets. You want to make sure that if something goes wrong, you can go to the developers for advice.


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