What Are Keywords And How To Pick The Best Keywords For Your Business

What Are Keywords And How To Pick The Best Keywords For Your Business

You’ve probably heard the term keywords. But what are they? How do you use them? And how do you pick the right ones for your business? Northern Enterprise Solutions have the answers to all of you web questions.

What are keywords?

Keywords are perhaps most important in a Google Adwords context. They are words or phrases that describe your product or service. They dictate when and where your ad can appear. An effective keyword list will help you target the right kind of audience that can grow into actual pay customers and vice versa.

There are also “negative” keywords referring to words or phrases that you want to exclude from your list because they are completely irrelevant to your business. For example, if you are selling organic food to health-conscious consumers, you should list “pet food” as a negative keyword.

How to choose the right keywords?

1. Be relevant

For a start, excellent keywords and phrases must be related to your business. You may be tempted to use very exciting and popular phrases that actually have little to do with your ads or websites, but bear in mind that the sole purpose of your ads is to convert a visiting customer into your paying customer. There is no point in making your ads rank or attracting visitors to your website and them clicking out because the content isn’t relevant. Besides, remember that you’re pay for each click, so getting lots of clicks that don’t convert will mean lost dollars.

2. Use keyword tools to get ideas

Don’t try to find keywords alone! There are tons of apps and tools out there that can ease the task. The most popular one is Google’s own invention, Keyword Planner. Other well-known names include Ahrefs, KeywordSpy, SpyFy, iSpionage and SEMrush. They can help you generate the most relevant keywords as well as steal ideas from your competitors.

3. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

Just think like your customer. Which words and phrases would you google if you were looking for a product or service like yours? You can also install Google Search Console to help you identify any that you may have missed.

4. Focus on certain search queries

Some search queries should be given more attention than the rest. For instance, if someone types in a search query that includes words like “best, review, compare, etc.”, they are looking for guidance on buying a product. Or if their queries include “product searches, price, buy, etc.”, then we have a customer making their choice. In either case, that person is a warmer lead and may want to buy your product.

5. Keep your keywords balanced

If your keywords are too general, your ads may be displayed to the wrong audience. But if you go for extremely specific terms that only a few people use, your ads may never be displayed at all. So it’s best to stay in between. In most cases, ideal keyword phrases should be three to four words long.

6. Remove “negative” keywords

Don’t forget to get rid of irrelevant keywords. They can invite a lot of unprofitable clicking which is the worst possible thing for pay per click users.

7. Always keep on going

Running Adwords campaign takes a whole lot of time because new keywords emerge every day. Be constantly on the lookout for the next great idea that can take off your business.

Keyword matching options

Before using Adwords and getting, it is a good idea to learn about Google keyword matching options first. The type of matching you choose influences how your ads will be processed, and in turn viewed. Basically there are three options:

– Broad match:

Your ads will be triggered when someone searches for any words in which your keywords are present. This may sound useful but in reality, this type of matching is rather ineffective as your ads can be associated with totally irrelevant search queries. For example, if your keywords are “cute dresses for sale’, your ad might appear if someone types in “are dresses dangerous for the environment”.

– Phrase match:

Only when someone searches for a phrase that includes your entire keyword phrase will your ads be displayed, like “cute dresses for sale in Australia” for the above keyword. It is more tightly targeted and of course more effective.

– Exact match:

The name is self-explanatory. Its coverage might be small but you can be confident that your ads will be showed only to people who really care about your products.

Of course if you need assistance connecting to Adwords, Search Console or any other keyword tool, get in contact with us owner@northernenterprisesolutions.com.au


Google Adwords : is it right for my business?

Google Adwords : is it right for my business?

The rise of e-commerce has led to the explosion of various kinds of online marketing. Among them, Google AdWords is King for displaying targeted advertisements.

It’s proved particularly useful to business wanting to sell products directly or promote services online. However, it’s no panacea. Adwords is a double-edged sword:

For every well-publicized success story, there are countless unknown stories of failure, wasted money and ineffective campaigns. So it’s important to consider if you have the time to turn Adwords into an effective tool for your business. But before you get to that it’s important to consider: does Adwords have what it takes to turn to be an effective tool for your business.

What is Adwords anyway?

AdWords (officially known as Google Adwords) is the online advertising platform owned and operated by Google. Advertisers pay it for their ads to show up on Google search results and on partner websites. Given the ubiquitous reach and use of Google, AdWords is understandably considered the most popular of its kind in the world.

How does Adwords work?

AdWords ads target users two ways 1) pay-per-click advertising (or paid search) and 2) the Display network advertising. For the pay-per-click, advertisers bid on relevant keywords to display their ads to whoever searches those phrases on Google. Meanwhile, the Display network advertising allows users to place visual banner-style advertisements on certain websites.

Why use Adwords for your business?

Using Adwords has the potential to reap enormous benefits by;

  1. Allowing you to reach a large base of potential customers:
    Can you think of any search engine of the same size and power as Google? Sure, there are others, but nothing matches the usage and reach of the monolith. Billions of people use Google to find and purchase products, get information about local businesses and even get directions to local shops. Attracting such large and diverse audiences means your advertisements will be shown to potentially thousands of users you may not have otherwise reached,
  2. Getting results quickly:
    Of course, there are other ways of building your online presence and boost your online sales, approaches like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But SEO can take weeks or months to even begin to show results, and you may not have the ability to wait to see results. On the other hand, you can experience an increase in website traffic within minutes of using Adwords.
  3. Targeting multiple audiences:
    One of the greatest things about Adwords is that you’re able to target different keywords at different audiences, so you have the flexibility to choose the right bait for different market segments. For example, if you want to sell handmade coffee mugs online, you can focus on many keywords like “Christmas mugs’ or “Personalized mugs” rather than the very general term “Coffee mugs”, and target those keywords at different people.
  4. Keeping track of your progress:
    Adwords also gives you the tools to keep you up-to-date with your advertising results. Clickthrough rate, ad expenses, conversion rate on landing pages and return on investment and other types of data are all at your fingertips.


It’s not all rosy

For all the benefits that Adwords can bring about, you should remember that it is usually a great way to both boost your online business and burn your money offline quickly.

As soon as someone clicks on your ad, Google will charge you regardless of whether they become your new customers or not.
So if they visit your website as a result of the ad and convert to a paying customer, and what they buy surpasses the cost of the ad, then you’re on the right track. Otherwise, you should rethink your strategy.

If you’re thinking about running Google Adwords also factor in a fair amount of time researching keywords, every month or so. You want to make sure you’re keeping your keywords up to date.

How to tell?

  1. Assessing your product compatibility:
    Adwords is especially great for products and services that don’t require a lot of images and videos. You have to be able to describe your product or service in an engaging way in just a few short characters.
  2. Testing the traffic potential of your keywords:
    It is great to use business analytics software to find out how many people search for your type of products and can become your customers. SEMRush is a good option to determine traffic volume. If your keywords can generate more than a few hundred searches every month, you’re on the right track. If not, you should consider using other marketing advertising to complement your Adwords, because your add my only get seen a few times a month.
  3. Forgetting everything and try:
    If you have time to spend and nerve to take a risk, then just give Adwords a shot and see how it turns out. You can run your ads for a short time to evaluate if you’re getting results for your business. Just make sure you define your budget and time frame.

If you’re looking for assistance marketing your business online, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our expert team gday@northernenterprisesolutions.com.au.


What the heck is a Virtual Assistant, Anyway?!

What the heck is a Virtual Assistant, Anyway?!

Do you want to develop your business? Do you wish you had more time with your family? Maybe you’re looking for ways to reduce expenses and increase productivity?

If your answer is YES, then you need to hire a virtual assistant (VA) because they are the magic you’ve been missing and will help you work wonders. Don’t believe me? Just take a few minutes…

What the heck is Virtual Assistant anyway?!

The definition may vary a lot but generally, a VA is someone who performs professional tasks or services for an individual. He or she can work remotely according to the hours of your choice. Anything a personal assistant or office administrator can do; a VA can do even better and with more flexibility. A typical day may include managing projects, manage emails and diaries, taking phone calls and updating your websites to name a few. If you are wondering why a VA is preferable to an in-house one, here’s why:

Your time is your money

It also makes good financial sense to hire a VA. Outsourcing the tedious, repetitive tasks enables you to devote your precious time to the most lucrative, financially rewarding parts of the work. Besides, a VA is more economically practical as their average salary is about $ 4,000 – 16,000, roughly one-tenth to two-fifths that of a personal assistant. There are no on costs and your flat hourly fee doesn’t have any hidden surprises. Some VA companies like Northern Enterprise Solutions offer services at $450 to $1,850 per month.

Buy time with your money

By shifting the least productive jobs to VAs, you can save a lot of valuable time for better use. According to a Harvard study, that approach can help you save up to 20% of your time, which means a full day every week. Imagine the equivalent of a day a week is freed up! Extra time to grow your business, take the kids to sports, join that networking group or quality time with loved ones.

Boost your work output

Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try, you are always getting so little done by the end of the day and you dread waking up tomorrow, facing another long day filled with tasks you’d rather not be doing? Those necessary evils, however, can be assigned to VA, thus saving your energy and that you can concentrate on what you enjoy doing the most and what you do best.

It might be good to be out of sight

A flesh – and – blood assistant will, of course, require a lot of things such as training, office, benefits package, tea and coffee – and it all adds up. While her or his performance is not easy to gauge. On the other hand, VAs work remotely so there are no office costs. Moreover, hours are purchased upfront and you nominate the when the work happens and for how long. So they are a good option if you want to enjoy the benefits of administrative assistance, but don’t want to pay for the extra hassles of offices and staff.

Flexibility is the key

In many small businesses, the number of tasks for assistants may vary wildly. During the busier periods, you may want extra hours on more days. When the lean time comes, you want the flexibility of not having these obligations. With a VA as you can adjust her or his working time to a few hours a day or a week. In short, you only have to pay for the work that needs to be done.

Get in contact with Northern Enterprise Solutions today and talk about getting your virtual assistant started today!


Announcing the winner of the Best WordPress theme award!

Announcing the winner of the Best WordPress theme award!

Ok so maybe there isn’t a best theme award, but at Northern Enterprise Solutions we think there should be! 

In the digital age, it is crucial for business, big or small, to have an informative and beautifully-designed website. The easiest way to do so is to use an attractive multipurpose WordPress theme. Among them, the king is Divi, powered by Divi Builder and regarded as a reliable front-end editor. While there is a lot of feature-rich WordPress templates out there, we think Divi is your pick of the litter because:

User-friendly interface

Unlike many premium WordPress themes, Divi doesn’t need any more WordPress plugins to operate. Don’t let the simplistic  Divi Builder appearance fool you, in fact, that’s part of the beauty of Divi, for as easy as it is to use, it’s also just as powerful and flexible. Also, Divi Builder has a customizable interface that enables you to adjust elements according to your needs (no other WordPress page builders offer this at the moment).

In terms of ease of use, few can rival Divi Builder for now. You can perform basic tasks such as adding a new row, importing/exporting layouts, dragging and dropping or inserting headers/footers more smoothly than ever before. So if you can play Solitaire on your computer you can use Divi.


Diverse layouts

Divi Builder offers up to 46 elements of contents. With powerful and diverse options like YouTube, audio player, blog, portfolio and so on. So you can build just about anything with the click of a few buttons with full control over how it all looks.

But if designing a website makes your head swim, Divi has you covered.  Currently boasting more than 140 appealing pre-designed layouts filled with original photos and illustrations that the Divi design team themselves created. Moreover, new layouts are added every week, offering customers a wide variety of choices.

But what is really wonderful is that Divi places all of those amazing photos and illustrations in the public domain, thus allowing users to apply them freely on commercial projects without any copyrights problems. Divi divides the layouts into complete website packs, each of which is tailor-made for a specific type of website. Therefore, your job is merely to search the perfect design within the builder, import it and input your content.


Advanced features

So Divi’s pretty cool yeah? Well, it keeps on delivering, even with the advanced stuff to help you get the most from your website. The Divi Builder offers a lot of professional features, notably split testing (reducing bounce rates and increase conversions by displaying multiple layout variations of your page track visitor’s reactions), real-time design (change is updated instantly), responsive editing (allowing you to make your website more compatible with mobile devices) and universal translation (full support for 32 languages). BOOM!


Superb security and performance

You can also rest assured that Divi is strong and secure. It works with Sucuri.net to rigorously test every single theme and updates and no issues have been found so far. Websites built with Divi Builder have impressive performance with low loading time even when performance optimization is not added, ensuring a pleasant user experience.


Great price – Great bargain

Did you know Northern Enterprise Solutions provides WordPress theme transfers? If you’re a small business owner with a WordPress website, we can transfer your content into a Divi theme for just $175! Get in contact today to arrange your theme transfer and access all of these features.


Gutenberg: The Next Big Thing For WordPress

Gutenberg: The Next Big Thing For WordPress

Gutenberg is the next big thing for WordPress

WordPress has been the most popular content management system (CMS) for bloggers and website designers for the past 15 years. Despite its revolutionary status, WordPress hasn’t changed its visual editor much. Not anymore. The hotly-anticipated Gutenberg has arrived and here is everything you need to know.

What is the Gutenberg WordPress editor?

The editor is named after Johannes Gutenberg, whose invention of the printing press half a millennial ago revolutionised the way knowledge and information was stored and exchanged, just like WordPress now. Though Gutenberg is only available as a plugin, for the time being, it will be integrated with WordPress 5.0.

Gutenberg is a new visual editor for WordPress. It is intended to make it easier for users, especially WordPress beginners, to modify the visual presentation of the website content. Currently, WordPress layouts require you to use a lot of shortcodes, metaboxes and HTML, which is as tedious for many of us as History of Magic for Hogwarts students.

Therefore, Gutenberg’s embrace of building blocks simplifies the process and makes it look like Quidditch. It enables you to add contents in blocks of many types from the WordPress backend and easily create searchable flow.

Gutenberg is not yet a page builder as it doesn’t support properly important features like drag and drop or nested blocks. However, those features and many more advanced layout options may be included in subsequent versions. Once in effect, Gutenberg will supersede TinyMCE as the default content editor though TinyMCE will still be used in some respects.


Can I download and use it now?

To be clear first, Gutenberg is still under development and is not ready to be released yet. But you can contribute a little to its making trying out the demo and leave comments and feedback in the WordPress support forum or open an issue on GitHub or join the discussions in #core-editor on the core WordPress Slack.

WordPress version 4.8 is required to use Gutenberg. To download it, go to the WordPress repository or search in your WordPress dashboard under “Add New” plugins. Don’t forget to install this on a test site or use staging environment of your host as Gutenberg is still a beta version.


Why should I care about it?

Because Gutenberg has the following advantages:

–    Content blocks: The use of the structure makes the editor extremely easy to work with, especially for beginners. Building a website will be just like playing with LEGO sets. Gutenberg is better than LEGO, however, because you can create your content blocks.

–    Perfect compatibility with mobile phone platform: Gutenberg has excellent performance on mobile phones. Do you have a new idea for your website display and nothing else but a smartphone on hand? No problem.

–    Integrity: you can have a friendly divorce with Gutenberg because your site won’t break if you uninstall it.  You can also have a happy blended family as you can edit in Gutenberg content created by the classic editor and vice versa.

–    Formatting retainment: You can copy and paste while keeping formatting settings such as lists, headings, bold text, etc.


I am a website owner. What are the new things I can do?

–    Collaborative editing: If you ever have a group of writers contribute to the same post, you may experience the frustration that only one writer can work at the time because of the post locking feature. While this prevents overwriting, it causes a lot of job delays. Now it is a thing of the past as Gutenberg’s block structure enables you to lock individual blocks only, allowing multiple people to work on different parts of a post freely.

–    Block and embed discovery: You can look for content blocks of various kinds, such as Facebook embed or a custom template more easily. It is also possible to create custom content blocks.

–    A standardised approach to page building: Gutenberg will focus on site creation. As a result, there will be a standardised approach to native WordPress page building. You can use Field Manager, Advanced Custom Fields, or a customised solution to create page builders for section fronts or marketing pages.

–    High level of personalisation: Block structure allows you to deliver content according to your needs. For example, you can create suitable content blocks for different kind of site visitors.


But what is the catch?

There are not many.

–    Gutenberg is not complete, yet so you may face some performance issues like lack of support for metaboxes, shortcodes and content output using HTML 5 tags.

–    There can be backward compatibility problems, especially for TinyMCE – integrated themes and plugins.

–    The accessibility of Gutenberg is also a serious issue, but it will be indeed fixed in the official edition.


Last words

WordPress creators have decided that Gutenberg will become the official editor for WordPress. That means when Gutenberg is officially integrated with WordPress core, you won’t be able to turn it off. Therefore, it makes great sense to start learning about the new editor as soon as possible. So what are you waiting for?

Northern Enterprise Solutions are the official WordPress Community Coordinators. Our development team are on standby to help you with all of your WordPress and Gutenberg requirements. Get in contact to talk about 3 pages for $175.



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