Ok so maybe there isn’t a best theme award, but at Northern Enterprise Solutions we think there should be! 

In the digital age, it is crucial for business, big or small, to have an informative and beautifully-designed website. The easiest way to do so is to use an attractive multipurpose WordPress theme. Among them, the king is Divi, powered by Divi Builder and regarded as a reliable front-end editor. While there is a lot of feature-rich WordPress templates out there, we think Divi is your pick of the litter because:

User-friendly interface

Unlike many premium WordPress themes, Divi doesn’t need any more WordPress plugins to operate. Don’t let the simplistic  Divi Builder appearance fool you, in fact, that’s part of the beauty of Divi, for as easy as it is to use, it’s also just as powerful and flexible. Also, Divi Builder has a customizable interface that enables you to adjust elements according to your needs (no other WordPress page builders offer this at the moment).

In terms of ease of use, few can rival Divi Builder for now. You can perform basic tasks such as adding a new row, importing/exporting layouts, dragging and dropping or inserting headers/footers more smoothly than ever before. So if you can play Solitaire on your computer you can use Divi.


Diverse layouts

Divi Builder offers up to 46 elements of contents. With powerful and diverse options like YouTube, audio player, blog, portfolio and so on. So you can build just about anything with the click of a few buttons with full control over how it all looks.

But if designing a website makes your head swim, Divi has you covered.  Currently boasting more than 140 appealing pre-designed layouts filled with original photos and illustrations that the Divi design team themselves created. Moreover, new layouts are added every week, offering customers a wide variety of choices.

But what is really wonderful is that Divi places all of those amazing photos and illustrations in the public domain, thus allowing users to apply them freely on commercial projects without any copyrights problems. Divi divides the layouts into complete website packs, each of which is tailor-made for a specific type of website. Therefore, your job is merely to search the perfect design within the builder, import it and input your content.


Advanced features

So Divi’s pretty cool yeah? Well, it keeps on delivering, even with the advanced stuff to help you get the most from your website. The Divi Builder offers a lot of professional features, notably split testing (reducing bounce rates and increase conversions by displaying multiple layout variations of your page track visitor’s reactions), real-time design (change is updated instantly), responsive editing (allowing you to make your website more compatible with mobile devices) and universal translation (full support for 32 languages). BOOM!


Superb security and performance

You can also rest assured that Divi is strong and secure. It works with Sucuri.net to rigorously test every single theme and updates and no issues have been found so far. Websites built with Divi Builder have impressive performance with low loading time even when performance optimization is not added, ensuring a pleasant user experience.


Great price – Great bargain

Did you know Northern Enterprise Solutions provides WordPress theme transfers? If you’re a small business owner with a WordPress website, we can transfer your content into a Divi theme for just $175! Get in contact today to arrange your theme transfer and access all of these features.


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