There are a lot of pressures on small business to create original, slick content for social media. But it can be exhausting, creating test, having to find photos and making sure you post as often as you can.

Luckily the internet has some great tools that can help Small Business owners out. We’re going to look over our favourites;

  • Canva
  • Unsplash
  • Freepik & flaticon
  • Pexels Video
  • Editing


We love Canva, and use it nearly every day. Canva is an incredibly powerful editing tool. With the help of the easy to use drag and drop functionality and thousands of templates, Small Business owners can easily create beautiful documents and images. The free version is great and functions perfectly for most small business needs.


If you’re looking for great images that are 100% free try unsplash. A massive collection of images that you can use for free. It’s great if you credit the artist, not needed. Check out over 25,000 contributing photographers and use beautiful images for free.

Freepik & Flaticon

Freepik is a great free source of vector images, so is perfect for the designers out there. Upload your images in Canva for the ultimate in image creation. Flaticon is subsidiary of Freepik, and is a great source of quirky and professional icons. You can download entire packs or single icons.

Pexels video

Of course, video gets a lot more traction on social media. Pexels video gives you access to royalty free stock footage that you can use on your website or in social media posts.

Survey Monkey

Finally, I wanted to mention Survey Monkey. The free pack is great for small business and is fantastic for building insights into your customer base. Best of all you can use the survey as a lead generating form and easily collect email addresses and contact details.


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