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One-on-One training specifically for you and your business. We are official¬†WordPress Community Coordinators, so you know you’re getting support from the experts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the training be tailored to my website?

Yes! Every business has different needs, markets and customer base. And their websites are no different.

Our WordPress training will uses your website to help participants ‘learn by doing’.

How is the training deliverd?

Because we understand every business is different, we provide flexible delivery.

We can provide training onsite or at our office and can provide ongoing support remotely. Get in contact if you would prefer training out of hours, or on the weekend.

What about ongoing support?

Experienced adult trainers, we understand most need a little bit of ongoing assistance.

Our trainer will provide (up to) 2 x 1-hour follow-up calls after the first 2 weeks of your training to check how you’re going and going over any questions you have.

How many people can do the training?

While we normall y provide one-on-one training we can also provide training to a small group pf 2-3. This training tends to be more dynamic, and we take the time to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Can you Help me with WooCommerce?

Do you need or have an online shop? We provide expert WooCommerce training as well.

From security to customisations our training will help you manage a beautiful, secure shop that your customers want to visit.

How good are my trainers?

Going with Northern Enterprise Solutions means you’ll get super friendly assistance and expert support. Every time.

With over 5 years’ experience in adult training in business and technology, our trainers deliver engaging and knowledgeable support and foster a positive learning experience.

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